68. A “Yang-invigorating” Chinese herbal suppository preparation relieves symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease

K.M. Ko, K. Chan, L. Shek, J. Yeung and S.H. Chui

An exploratory clinical study was conducted to investigate the effect of treatment with a“Yang-invigorating” Chinese herbal suppository preparation (ViNeuro) on 9 subjects (40-69 of age; 6 males and 3 females) with Parkinson’s diseases (PD) for 3.5-14 years. During the 6-month trial period, 8 out of 9 patients were also taking one to three types of anti-Parkinsonian drugs. After taking ViNeuro for 6 months, all patients reported to have improvement in various Parkinsonian symptoms, particularly with a response rate of 100% in relieving rigidity and tremor. The reliefon “Yang-deficiency” symptoms was also observed, with response rates ranging from 67-86%. ViNeuro may produce the symptom-relieving effect in patients suffering from PD by virtue of its “Yang-invigorating” (i.e. ATP generation-stimulatory) and antioxidant actions.Keywords: Parkinson’s disease, Chinese medicine.