132. Schisandrin B protects against solar irradiation-induced oxidative injury in BJ human fibroblasts.

Chiu PY, PY Lam, Yan CW, Ko KM

Section of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Division of Life Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, China.

The effects of schisandrin B (Sch B) and its analogs on solar irradiation-induced oxidative injury were examined in BJ human fibroblasts. Sch B and schisandrin C (Sch C) increased cellular reduced glutathione (GSH) level and protected against solar irradiation-induced oxidative injury. The photoprotection was paralleled by decreases in the elastases-type protease activity and matrix-metalloproteinases-1 expression in solar-irradiated fibroblasts. The cytochrome P-450-mediated metabolism of Sch B or Sch C caused ROS production. The results suggest that by virtue of its pro-oxidant action and the subsequent glutathione antioxidant response, Sch B or Sch C may offer the prospect of preventing skin photo-aging.