118. Schisandrin B co-treatment ameliorates the impairment on mitochondrial antioxidant status in various tissues of long-term ethanol treated rats.

Lam PY, Chiu PY, Leung HY, Chen N, Leong EPK, Ko KM

Department of Biochemistry, The Hong Kong University of Science of Technology, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, China

The effect of schisandrin B (Sch B) on long-term ethanol-induced oxidative stress in various rat tissues was investigated. Long-term ethanol treatment increased reactive oxygen metabolites (ROM) level in plasma. The ethanol-induced oxidative stress was assessed by mitochondrial glutathione and α-tocopherol levels, antioxidant enzyme activities, malondialdehyde (mtMDA) production and heat shock protein (Hsp) 25/70 levels. Liver was most susceptible to oxidative stress with a significant increase in mtMDA production. Long-term Sch B treatment enhanced mitochondrial antioxidant status in a tissue non-specific manner. Sch B co-treatment ameliorated the alterations in plasma ROM levels, mtMDA production and Hsp 25/70 expression in rat tissues.