Contemporary Health Analysis

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Please check "Yes" on the most appropriate symptoms that you are currently experiencing so that we can determine the most accurate treatment regime for you. It is important that you state exactly what you are experiencing so you can experience maximum results from your treatment.

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1. Thirsty (prefer cold drinks) Yes No
2. Dry throat Yes No
3. Night sweat Yes No
4. Fever Yes No
5. Dry mouth Yes No
6. Constipation Yes No
7. Intolerance to cold Yes No
8. Increased volume of urine Yes No
9. Morning diarrhoea Yes No
10. Cold hands & feet Yes No
11. Pale tongue Yes No
12. Not enthusiastic to talk Yes No
13. Physical and mentally fatique Yes No
14. Indigestion Yes No
15. Dizziness Yes No
16. Forgetfulness Yes No
17. Insomnia Yes No
18. Spasm/numbness in limbs Yes No
19. Pale complexion on face and lips Yes No
20. Female only – Premenstrual tension Yes No
21. Red eyes Yes No
22. Bitter taste Yes No
23. Sense of oppression over the chest Yes No
24. Palpitation Yes No
25. Flushed face Yes No
26. Restlessness Yes No
27. Loss of appetite Yes No
28. Heavy head – poor concentration Yes No
29. Muscle soreness Yes No
30. Fatigue Yes No
31. Decrease volume of urine (yellowish) Yes No
32. Abdominal pain Yes No
33. Spontaneous sweating Yes No
34. Afternoon fever Yes No
35. Shortness of breath Yes No
36. Coughing with thick phlegm Yes No
37. Chest pain Yes No
38. Lack of motivation Yes No
39. Ringing in ears Yes No
40. Frequent or scant urination Yes No
41. Overdrive in libido Yes No
42. Male - premature ejaculation Yes No